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Nuestros cirujanos

Dra. María José Fernández Jiménez
Cirujano capilar

La Dra. Fernández Jiménez es licenciada en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad de Málaga (UMA). Especialista en Trasplante capilar. Responsable del programa de Cirugía menor ambulatoria del centro de salud para el que presta servicio desde el 2012.

Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Solanes
Director Médico y cirujano capilar

El Dr. Francisco Javier Ruiz Solanes es licenciado en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad de Málaga. Especialista en Injerto Capilar. Especialista en Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria vía MIR, con formación realizada en el Hospital Regional Carlos Haya.

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    • Postoperative follow-up.

    Meet our specialist doctor in hair transplant: Dr. María José Fernández Jiménez

    Our specialist doctor is, Dr. María José Fernández Jiménez, graduated in Medicine and Surgery at Málaga University (UMA), in 1995. She is a member of the Official Medical College of Málaga, and her membership number is 7.624.

    Dr. María José Fernández is specialist in Family Medicine and Community Health with professional training in Carlos Haya Hospital in Málaga, between 1996 y 1999.

    Dra. María José Fernández Jiménez

    Dra. María José Fernández Jiménez

    She is also service manager of Minor and Ambulatory Surgery at the Health Center she is working since 2012, with more than 1.600 surgical interventions.

    Dr. Fernández has Specialized training in Hair Transplant, in the Official Medical College of Málaga, in the Dermatoloty Unit of the Regional Hospital in Málaga and in the Minor Surgery Department in the  Andalusian Health Service (SAS).  

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    Esbeltia Clinic have established one of the most prestigious Hair Transplant Clinics in Málaga, Spain. Our clinic is very easy to access from all major transport connections.

    If you are suffering from Hair Loss then you might be looking into a Hair Transplant in Málaga Over 40% of the UE Population suffer from hair loss and more and more of the population are looking for solutions. In recent years hair transplants have become a more popular procedure with a number of well known celebrities having them carried out. But, you make have questions as to what a hair transplant is and what it entails. We hope to answer some of the questions you make have about hair transplants, especially if you are considering having one carried out.

    Transform your look and restore lost volume and texture with a hair transplant in Málaga.

    Using innovative techniques, our highly qualified team of doctors have extensive experience performing this surgery, delivering truly life-changing results.

    hair transplant in malaga

    hair transplant in malaga

    Hair loss occurs both in men and women and almost everyone suffers a degree of hair loss in older age. However, when hair loss occurs in a younger age, resulting in areas of ‘alopecia’ or a bald patch, it can be very distressing.

    In simple terms, hairs from genetically ‘safe zone’ from the back of the head are transplanted into the bald areas.

    The technique had been used for decades, and in old days large plugs of hair were removed from the safe zone on the back of the head to the bald patch on the frontal bald areas.

    With modern technology, using a microscope, it is possible to isolate every single hair follicle and these single follicles are painstakingly transferred into the bald area as individual ‘micrografts’.

    The area from where the hair grafts are obtained is called the ‘donor area’ and the area where the hair follicles are transferred to is called as the ‘recipient site’.

    The slits in skin at recipient sites are carefully prepared keeping in mind the direction and angle of original hair in that specific area.

    The grafts are obtained from the donor area under local anesthesia. When the grafts are ready, they are inserted or ‘planted’ into the carefully created slits by the surgeon.

    How many sessions will I need?

    hair transplant in malaga

    hair transplant in malaga

    Depending on the extent of your hair loss and the density and laxity of the donor area, we can give you an estimate of the number of sessions that may be required to obtain the final result. It also depends on your expectations. While majority of patients are happy with just one session, most patients with significant baldness will need at least two sessions. Be realistic about your expectations. You may never have the density and texture you used to have.

    Results of hair transplant in Málaga

    Results after hair transplantation in Málaga are not visible straight away. The transplanted hair goes into the resting or ‘telogen’ phase and the transplanted hair shafts drop off. But, the follicle or root of the hair gets vascularized and develops a firm attachment to the new recipient site. The resting phase continues for 3 to 4 months after which the new hair shaft regrows. Some hair keep growing and shedding for a while and it can be up to 1 or sometimes up to 2 years before full growth is achieved. As a rough guide one can expect up to to 95% of transplanted hair to regrow but individual results may vary.

    Apart from meticulous technique, a number of variables affect the quality of final outcome, including the extent of baldness against available safe zone or permanent hairs, their colour, caliber and density of donor area hairs. Generally speaking thick, wavy or curly hair gives a better impression of texture than straight fine hairs. In younger patients, adjuvant medical therapies can help reduce further hair loss and also promote regrowth of minuterised, but still intact follicles.

    Return to work

    There will be a phase of temporary swelling and discomfort, and about 3 days of rest at home is recommended after the hair transplant in Málaga. Most patients will be able to return to work in 1 week or even earlier.


    hair transplant in Málaga

    hair transplant in Málaga

    Clínica Esbeltia provides a discreet service, both throughout your hair transplant sessions, and once the treatment is complete. We’re make sure you’re fully aware of the treatment stages before they start, so you can manage the change. We also follow a rigorous aftercare routine, which is designed to bring out the best in your transplant. Our staff are medically trained to offer you advice before, during and after your treatment so you’re best able to manage and care for your hair.

    After care following hair transplantation is relatively straightforward. A detailed instruction sheet of dos and don’ts will be given to you following your procedure. In general, you can start to rinse your hair (without rubbing) from the next day using a mild soapy solution or simply a baby shampoo. Its best to just pour water with a tumbler for the first week after which you can use a ‘soft’ spray. Remember that the hairs placed in the slits are not stitched or glued and may drop or pull out if you rub on the scalp before 1o days.

    You can expect some swelling and slight discomfort for first 2 to 3 days. It is very rare to need strong painkillers, though some patients may use them once or twice. Antibiotics are taken for 3 days and the suture will need to be removed in 10 to 12 days.

    Our highly-skilled hair transplant doctor is an expert in FUE (follicular unit extraction), which transplants hair follicles from other parts of the body, resulting in a natural look which is scarless, stitchless and painless. We’re Málaga market-leaders in FUE hair transplants.

    What is a hair transplant?

    The most important hair transplant information you need to know is what the procedure is. A hair transplant is a procedure to move hair from an area unaffected by hair loss to an area of thinning or baldness. It is a permanent procedure which can drastically affect the way you look. As different people have varying degrees of hair loss every procedure is different and the amount of hair to be moved will be different.

    With Hair Transplants the hair is often moved from a donor area at the back of the head. This area often has healthy hair which can be used to replace the hair in other areas of the head. Whilst some people may think that you can use body hair for a hair transplant, this is frowned upon by specialists as it produces poor results.

    hair transplant in malaga

    hair transplant in malaga

    Hair Transplant in Málaga is carried out as a one day surgery under local anesthetic. These procedures are carried out in specialist hair transplant clinics rather than at local hospitals so it may be the case that you need to travel for a procedure. It’s worth bearing in mind that you will be unable to drive after your surgery due to a sedative being administered. Most providers will look to supply a hotel close to the clinic to help with this problem.

    Types of Procedures.

    The most important type of procedures that are commonly carried out when a hair transplant takes place is Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

    • The entire head is usually shaved.
    • A special punch device is used to directly remove individual grafts of hair one by one.
    • The grafts are placed into tiny incisions made in the scalp.

    Costs of Hair Transplants in Málaga.

    The final part of Hair Transplant information that is worth bearing in mind is the cost of a procedure.

    Prices in the UE can vary from between € 5000 to over €2000 for a hair transplant. There will be a number of factors determining the price of your procedure including the number of hairs that need moving, the type of surgery and the reputation of the surgeon carrying out the surgery.

    Hair Transplant in Esbeltia Clinic only costs 2.800€ for a 2.000 UF transplant, the lowest price in Spain.

    If you are interested in getting some more hair transplant information then we recommend coming to one of our free hair loss consultations, call us ( whatsapp ) or send us an email.

    The first step towards a hair transplant is a free, no obligation and fully confidential consultation with one of our experts.

    To book a free consultation simply fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch to contact with you.

    Reasons why you should choose our clinic:

    1. hair transplant in malaga

      hair transplant in malaga

      Hair transplant lowest price in Spain and in Europe: Save up to 50% on an average UE procedure. Our clinic offers you great price without compromising in quality. With our most advanced FUE technique you can get your original hair style back in 1 day.
    2. Pain free procedure. During the hair transplant procedure we use local anaesthesia, so patients have a pain- free pleasurable experience.
    3. No scars. For the hair transplant procedure, a punch is used to harvest the hair follicles from the donor area at the back of the head, and also to implant them to the thinning area. The tiny hole created in this process is visible only under a magnifying glass and will leave no visible scars.
    4. Maximum density guaranteed. The latest FUE SafeSystem technology makes it possible to transplant hair to areas as small as the point of a needle, so the volume of the transplanted hair can only be limited by follicle size and scalp elasticity.
    5. Undetectable and natural looking results. FUE SafeSystem provides results that make your restored hair look totally natural, so nobody ever can tell if your hair was transplanted or had originally grown there.
    6. Guarantee on every implanted hair. We offer a written guarantee on implanted hair. It means that we guarantee that 80% of the implanted hair will start growing within one year of the procedure, and will not fall out again. If this result is not achieved, we will re-implant the hairs lost FREE of charge.

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    Reasons for hair loss

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    Reasons for hair loss of men

    The reasons for hair loss among men are as follows:

    • Insufficient protein diet – A low protein diet forces the body to save the available protein for other purposes thus depriving the hair of it.
    • Stressful lifestyle – Stress drives the body to produce more androgens thereby enhancing the secretion of the hair loss Chemicals called DHT. A hair follicle also needs energy to grow. Stress causes oxidation, thereby harming the coenzyme Q10 that accelerates hair fall.
    • Heat and Chemicals also weaken the hair.
    • Smoking – the carbon monoxide that you inhale prevents the blood from transporting oxygen and key nutrients to the hair follicles. The nicotine also narrows the blood vessels, thereby further stalling fresh hair growth.

    Causes for hair loss of women

    The perceived or the real symptom of hair loss can be devastating among females. The percentage of hair thinning is much larger among women. The most common causes of hair loss among females are given below:

    • Chronic illness (e.g., HIV, lupus)
    • Childbirth, pregnancy, or miscarriage
    • Malnutrition
    • Endocrine abnormality (e.g., hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperparathyroidism)
    • Post-febrile/post-infection
    • Medications (e.g., retinoids, high-dose vitamin A, anticoagulants [especially heparin], antithyroids, anticonvulsants, interferon, heavy metals, and beta-blockers)
    • Psychological stress
    • Post-surgery
    • Rapid weight loss following a crash diet or bariatric surgery
    • Discontinuing oral contraception
    • Use of chemical and excessive hair treatments (fashion)
    • DTH
    • Stress
    • Environmental factors like pollutants
    • Ageing

    Who is eligible for FUE hair transplant in Málaga?

    The FUE hair transplant is ideal for:

    • Men or women with smaller areas of baldness.
    • People who want to go for shorter hair styles.
    • People with active lifestyles such as sportsmen, etc.
    • Those who don’t want cuts or stitches on the scalp and prefer less invasive procedures.
    • Those who are looking for a faster recovery.

    What could be the risk factors?

    Overall, the risk of post-operative infection is very low. However, a FUE cannot be performed if:

    • The person is less than the age of 25.
    • The person is going through ongoing hair fall.
    • Has got multiple medical conditions like hypertension, uncontrolled diabetes and heart problems.
    • Undiagnosed hair fall (The problem has to be identified. If they have burning sensation, itching or rashes on the scalp, the exact reason has to be determined)
    • People with psychological issues, especially those who have a tendency to pull out their own hair.
    • Very low density at the back of the head. In that case, adequate follicles for the transplantation will not be produced.

    Who should not opt FUE hair transplant?

    • Those who have larger areas of baldness.
    • Those who prefer longer hair styles.
    • People with sedentary lifestyle
    • Women with larger portion of baldness.

    Some photographs of our clinic:

    hair transplant in Málaga

    hair transplant in Málaga

    hair transplant in Malaga

    hair transplant in Malaga

    hair transplant in Málaga

    hair transplant in Málaga

    Hair transplant in malaga

    Hair transplant in malaga


    • Artículo escrito por:
    • Doctor Francisco Javier Ruiz Solanes
    • Licenciado en 1989 en Medicina y Cirugía por la Universidad de Málaga (UMA)
    • Colegiado 6.024 del Colegio de Médicos de Málaga
    • Director médico Clínica Esbeltia

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